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Firewall Audit Checklist

The firewall audit checklist not only ensures that your firewall configurations and rules comply with external regulations and internal security policies. It can also help to reduce risk and improve firewall performance by optimizing the firewall rule base.

Best Practices Against Ransomware Attacks and Hardening Guidelines

These best practices can help your organization manage the risk posed by ransomware and respond to a ransomware outbreak in a coordinated and effective manner.

Managing Cyber Risk in the Age of Cloud Computing

The cloud delivers game-changing capabilities but also surfaces new cyber risks requiring an evolved security perspective. However, as more sensitive data and critical systems move to the cloud, businesses must adapt their cybersecurity strategies to effectively manage emerging risks.

What Are the PCI DSS Third-Party Service Provider Management Requirements

PCI Requirement 12.8 focuses on vendor management and mandates that companies develop and execute policies and processes to manage service providers with whom cardholder data is shared or who may compromise cardholder data security.

PCI Compliance Reports: What Do SAQ, AoC, and RoC Mean?

PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), Attestation of Compliance (AoC), and Report on Compliance (RoC) are reports that document and prove your PCI Compliance status.

Best Practices for Clean Up Your Firewall Rule Base

As the firewall rule base grows and mixes, it begins to affect firewall performance and it is difficult to maintain and can hide real security risks. Also, standards such as PCI-DSS require cleaning up unused firewall rules and objects.

PCI Compliance and Email Security

PCI DSS requires you to detail the measures you have taken to ensure cardholder data is protected in transit. Email communication of cardholder data is considered part of the Cardholder Data Environment.

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