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Why Email Server Security Matters

Email today is arguably the most critical application for personal and business communication over the Internet. With each new day, companies and individuals are increasingly revealing the sensitive information of recipients to the prevalence of malware, spam, phishing, and identity theft attacks.

PCI Compliance and Email Security

PCI DSS requires you to detail the measures you have taken to ensure cardholder data is protected in transit. Email communication of cardholder data is considered part of the Cardholder Data Environment.

Email Security Best Practices

Most organizations rely heavily on emails for their daily business communication, but email remains one of the most common vectors businesses are attacked. This is why it is essential to implement email security best practices.

What You Should Know About PCI Compliant File Transfer

PCI DSS contains several requirements that deter organizations that process credit card data from using FTP for file transfers.

Public Key Cryptography and PGP Fundamentals

PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy and actually provides perfect privacy. Used correctly, it can prevent the contents of your messages, texts, and even files from being read.

What You Need to Know About Encrypted Communication

Transport layer encryption, also known as transport layer security (TLS), encrypts your messages as they are transmitted to the servers of the application you use and from the application's servers to the recipient.

What are the Effects of Using MPLS on PCI Compliance?

PCI DSS requirements are dictated by whether the network is considered public or private for Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks, which are mostly used to provide communication between different physical locations, such as data centers or branch offices.

Securing Card Data in Transit: PCI DSS Requirement 4

The PCI Security Standards Council takes a very tough line on transit data, requiring the use of trustworthy keys / certificates, secure transportation protocols and strong encryption.

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