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The website's aim is to enable the free distribution of best practice guidelines from industry to create a more robust security environment for all organizations. And the purpose of this website is also to clarify the process of PCI compliance as well as to provide some common sense for that process and to help people preserve their safety while they move through their enforcement processes.

We believe that the more security information and best practice guidance given to the public by experts, the safer we are all.

The contents of this website are created by industry experts, but should not be viewed as the sole source of best practice advice for security. We recommend that every solution placed in place be audited by the relevant accrediting authority.

This website will contain only not protectively marked information, which are the authors 'original works. Although references may be to the actual requirements, there should be no proprietary material on the website.

Including data which is under copyright is a violation of our content policy and we consider all data to be the author's original work. If you encounter material that is a policy violation please contact us with the details.

Also please contact us via the contact page if you have any suggestions.