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What Are the Ways to Reduce PCI Scope

If you can limit the amount of cardholder data you have, you'll have fewer data to audit.

How to Define PCI DSS Scope

The PCI DSS scope of a business or organization includes all people, processes, and technologies that can affect and interact with cardholder data security.

What Are the Effects of Using Active Directory as a Shared Service on PCI Compliance?

It is undeniable that it is highly dangerous to use Microsoft Active Directory as a "Shared Service" and takes a lot of technical configuration and discipline to protect the environment with best practices.

How Micro Segmentation Can Help You in the PCI Compliance Process?

Micro-segmentation allows merchants to isolate system / transactional components from the cardholder data environment, making it difficult for hackers to access credit card information.

What is PCI Network Segmentation Test and How is it Done?

Network segmentation is the act of dividing a computer network into subnetworks, each of which is a network segment that increases security and can also boost performance.

How is the PCI Network Segmentation Affecting the PCI Scope

Network segmentation is the method of sectioning one network into smaller segments, or "subnetworks," in such a way that communication between them is limited or prevented.

Scoping and Segmentation for PCI DSS

This article provides guidance to help organizations identify the systems that need to be included in the PCI DSS scope at a minimum. In addition, it provides guidance on how to use segmentation to help reduce the number of systems that require PCI DSS control measures.

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