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PCI Compliance Reports: What Do SAQ, AoC, and RoC Mean?

PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), Attestation of Compliance (AoC), and Report on Compliance (RoC) are reports that document and prove your PCI Compliance status.

Choosing the Right PCI DSS SAQ

When you inquire, "Which SAQ is right for me?" there are 9 different SAQs that a merchant and service provider can choose from. How you process credit cards and manage cardholder data will decide which SAQ your company needs to complete.

PCI SAQ D for Service Providers and Merchants

If you are a service provider that stores credit card details, then PCI SAQ D is likely to apply to you. Service providers handling less than 300,000 card transactions can use SAQ D or submit a Compliance Report (ROC).


SAQ C-VT addresses requirements for merchants that process cardholder data only through isolated virtual payment terminals on an Internet-connected personal computer.


SAQ B-IP identifies merchants who do not store card data in electronic format but use Point-of-Interaction (POI) devices connected to IP. These merchants can handle either card-present or card-not-present transactions and do not store any computer system with card data.


SAQ B has been established to address requirements for merchants that process cardholder data through imprinting machines or standalone dial-out terminals. SAQ B merchants can either be card-present or card-not-present merchants, but on any computer system they do not store cardholder information.


PCI SAQ A-EP merchants are e-commerce merchants who partly outsource their e-commerce payment service to third parties approved by PCI DSS and do not store, process or transmit data of any cardholder on their systems or premises electronically.


SAQ A is for merchants who have outsourced the processing of their card data to approved third parties. This group may include merchants in e-commerce or the telephone / mail order.

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