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Advantages of Using a Credit Card Vault for PCI

A credit card vault is a tool or tool that securely stores customer credit card numbers. In most cases where you use a credit card vault when you accept a card number from a customer, sensitive data does not enter your device, computer, or network.

How To Store Credit Card Information

Storing credit card data online is most advantageous for businesses that deal with recurring bills or have active account users who make frequent purchases. But if you're not part of this camp, you have to ask yourself why you should store credit card data on your servers.

What are the Acceptable Formats for Truncation of PAN

The industry practice is to eliminate the middle six digits, but the standards for each major card brand range slightly. Organizations seeking flexibility in this area should review the individual requirements for each card brand.

PCI Requirements for Storing Credit Card Information on Paper

To store credit card information on paper, you must cross it out with a dark pen to make the security code unreadable after completing the transaction and before storing a paper authorization form.

PCI Requirements For Storing Credit Card Information

PCI-DSS requirements state that cardholder data may only be retained for a legitimate legal, regulatory, or business reason. In other words, if you don't need cardholder data, you shouldn't store it.

How to Permanently Delete Sensitive Authentication Data?

As for PCI DSS requirement 3, sensitive authentication data shall not be stored and should be deleted after authorization.

HSMs for PCI DSS Compliance

A Hardware Security Module (HSM) is designed to provide companies in a variety of industries who need to safeguard their data an incredibly high degree of protection.

How can you make stored PAN information unreadable?

Requirement 3 of the PCI DSS is about securing stored cardholder data, and six sub-requirements provide detailed guidelines for how merchants should store the various pieces of information on a card.

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