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PCI DSS Compliance Best Practices

What are the PCI Compliance Fines and Penalties?

You'll hear about PCI compliance fines, which can vary from $ 5,000 to $ 100,000 a month (roughly 4,000 to 80,000 in GBP) depending on the size of the company and the duration and scope of your non-compliance.

Firewall Rule Configuration Best Practices For PCI Compliance

When changing a configuration of a firewall it is important to consider potential security risks in order to avoid future problems. Protection is a complex problem and may differ from case to case, but this article outlines best practices for configuring firewall rules on perimeter.

Tips and Strategies for PCI DSS Compliance

Such tips will help you eliminate the storing of non-needed cardholder data, isolate the data you need to define and control centralized areas, and encourage you to limit the scope of your PCI DSS compliance validation effort.

PCI DSS Compliance Best Practices

An end-to-end understanding of the processes involved in the transmission of payment card data is needed to ensure effective PCI-DSS compliance. An entity needs to know how and where to access, transmit and store the data of its card.

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